Using extended reality technology to grasp abstract concepts

Extended Reality x Learning Experiments

Science goes beyond the things we see around us!
Stemtitute's students in the second stage of the primary science course can have exclusive access to our extended reality (XR) products.
Through XR, they can explore abstract concepts and the microscopic world, developing a conceptual understanding and interest in STEM science and molecules.

Mixed Reality x Periodic Table

Presenting complex chemical molecules using AR technology allows students to experience them firsthand through the camera of a tablet or smartphone. They can observe, interact with, and learn about the characteristics of each chemical element. Furthermore, with MR technology, students can even experiment with different chemical reactions themselves.

Virtual Lab Assistant

The Virtual Lab Assistant guides students through experiments and provides a variety of practice exercises. By continuously answering the Virtual Lab Assistant’s questions, students can better grasp even challenging concepts.


Stemtituteverse is a virtual world that encompasses all the information related to Stemtitute. In addition to the ability to interact with the mascot Pen Pen, the Stemtitute students’ Science Project and oral presentation outcomes from the first stage will be showcased in the main hall of the Stemtituteverse for other students to view.