We periodically organize various workshops to introduce science to individuals
of different age groups. These workshops aim to provide a relaxed and
enjoyable environment while also being educational and engaging. It's a great opportunity for
participants to explore and appreciate the wonders of science in a fun and interactive way.

Scope of activities

The workshop scope covers various areas such as science, outdoor excursions, molecular gastronomy, art, and more. It aims to integrate science education into everyday life and make it more engaging and enjoyable!

Past workshops photo collection

Please follow our social media accounts where we regularly post updates about upcoming workshop dates.

Collaborate with us

We welcome collaboration with institutions, organizations, and schools.
We offer on-site workshop services where we can come and conduct workshops at your location.

Science Detective Workshop

Magic Blueprint Workshop

Science Molecular Gastronomy Lab

Parent-Child Forest Adventure

Holiday Workshop

There are still many more different types of
workshops waiting for you to discover!