Summer STEM Courses

Special summer science courses are provided for preschool and primary school children, allowing them to have a fulfilling and meaningful vacation

Playgroup and Kindergarten

🌟Features of the Stemtitute Science Class for Young Children:
🔎Small class teaching (with a teacher-student ratio of up to 1:7)
👨‍🏫Age-appropriate teaching – we understand that even small differences in age during the early childhood stage can make a significant impact on a child’s abilities, so we divide the classes into PN and K1, and K2 and K3
👄Show and Tell section for every lesson to raise the communication ability of students, videos will be used to make portfolio for students
🔬Starting from everyday life, children can observe and explore hands-on, gradually cultivating an interest in science
📝The course content is designed and developed by teams specializing in different scientific fields from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong, with experiments recognized by universities
🗣No traditional, boring textbooks – using tangible objects instead of abstract concepts. Classes are interactive, experiential, and creative
🔭Examples of experimental themes for young children: (PN-K1) learning about grains (rice vs. wheat), discovering fruits, milk painting, making traditional telephones;
(K2-K3) food processing (pickling), exploring magnets, making kaleidoscopes, making suspended balls.
Summer classes provided:
>> 12 science class sessions
>> 6 two-hour intensive science classes
>> Two-hour science trial classes

2023 Playgroup and Kindergarten Summer Courses

A 12-session program, with each session lasting one hour, is suitable for children who wish to attend science classes regularly during the summer vacation and enjoy a relaxed learning experience

Our six-session program, with each session lasting two hours, is ideal for:

– Children who have other summer activities and wish to complete the 12-session program in a shorter period of time.
– Children who live far away and prefer to attend a full two-hour session at once.
– Children who want to enhance their focus and concentration skills.

Our one-day, two-hour experience class offers an average hourly rate as low as $96! This is ideal for children who are new to science classes or have difficulty attending classes regularly.

If children who attend the experience class express interest in the complete program, we can arrange for seamless integration into the regular course.

Stemtitute Science Research Institute – Mong Kok Classroom:13A Gala Court, Tong Mei Road, Mong Kok (Exit C4)

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