Summer STEM Courses

Special summer science courses are provided for preschool and primary school children, allowing them to have a fulfilling and meaningful vacation



🌟Features of the Stemtitute primary school science class:

🔎Uses small class teaching (maximum teacher-student ratio of 1:7)


👨‍🏫Upon completion of the full course, a certificate will be awarded upon evaluation, 

with Hong Kong City University as the supporting institution


🔬Starting from everyday life, children can observe and explore firsthand, gradually cultivating an interest in science


📝The course content is written and designed by teams specializing in different scientific fields from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong, and the experiments are approved by universities


🗣No traditional boring textbooks, using physical objects to replace abstract concepts, 

with interactive, experiential, and creative classes as the focus


🔭Examples of primary school experiment topics: 

(first half – first stage) electrolyte car, metal reduction solids, metal electrolysis, acid-base.


(second half – second stage) insect courses, field trips, graduation projects.



Summer classes offered:


>>Half-term 12 classes of science classes

>>Half-term 6 two-hour intensive science classes

>>Full-term 12 two-hour intensive science classes

>>Summer science 2-hour daily experience class

2023 Primary Science Summer Courses

12 sessions, 1 hour per session, suitable for children who want to attend science classes regularly during the summer vacation.

6 sessions, 2 hours per session, suitable for:
– Children who have other activities during the summer vacation and want to complete the 12 sessions quickly.
– Children who live far away and want to attend two hours of classes at once.
– Children who want to train their concentration.

12 sessions, 2 hours per session, suitable for:
– Children who want to learn science seriously during the summer vacation and receive a complete 24-session course certificate.
– Children who want to have outdoor field trips, understand biodiversity, and complete their own graduation projects in addition to experiments.
– Children who want to cultivate confidence, expression ability, thinking ability, and concentration.

A 2-hour experience class per day, with an average hourly tuition fee as low as $96! Suitable for children who are first-time science class learners or have difficulty attending classes regularly.

If children become interested in the full course after completing the experience class, arrangements can also be made to transition to the formal course.

Prince Edward Classroom: Room B, 7/F, HQ Building, 450-454 Portland Street, Prince Edward (Exit D of Prince Edward Station, turn right and walk straight).

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