STEM Science Courses

We are committed to creating high-quality STEM science experiment courses in Hong Kong
at a reasonable and affordable price.
Let children in every family learn science at ease and happy, and popularize local science education.


Hands-on experiment

Emphasis on experiential learning.
Let children unleash their creativity in the experiments .

Speech and presentation skills

We encourage children to share and present their learning results Training their oral presentation skills and self-confidence

Medium of instruction

We provide English and Chinese as language options for class instruction

Story-based exploration

The courses integrate various stories into science experiments.


The Badge Program

To let children engage in the experiment courses, we compile different science themes into stories.
Each story ends with a presentation lesson as the evaluation of the children’s learning outcome so that children could revise on the scientific knowledge of the journeys.

After completing the assessment, we will award a badge to children as proof and encouragement for their participation.

The Elite Certificate

After finishing a one-year science course (four badges), A STEM journey certificate will be awarded; After finishing a two-year science course (eight badges), A STEM elite journey certificate will be awarded.