Frequently Asked Questions


About Stem Courses

During regular school classes, children often face traditional and monotonous textbooks, where they mainly listen to the teacher’s lectures. This can limit opportunities for creativity, critical thinking, and expression, potentially leading children to perceive learning as a painful process. That’s why our classes prioritize interaction, hands-on experiences, and creativity. Instead of rote memorization, students have the opportunity to observe and explore firsthand. Through conducting experiments, engaging in mini-projects, and delivering oral presentations, students not only build confidence and enhance their cognitive abilities but also gradually develop a liking for exploration and learning. This approach has a significantly positive impact on their personal growth.

If you complete our full course, the certificate will be issued, and the City University of Hong Kong is our supporting institution. The course content is developed and designed by teams from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong. The experiments conducted are recognized by universities, and over 90% of our teachers have majored in various scientific disciplines at the university level. This can greatly assist students in their scientific learning journey.

We adopt small class teaching with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 1:7.

Students can book a trial class for a discounted price of $131 per hour. There is no special offer for bringing a friend to the trial class, but if students decide to form a group after the trial, discounts will be provided based on the number of participants.

Currently, there is no minimum number of participants required for a class to commence. As long as students have paid and registered, the class will proceed.

Our teachers will bring the necessary instruments and materials to each class location, so there won’t be any differences in teaching staff or equipment due to different locations. They are equipped to provide consistent teaching and ensure that students have access to the required resources regardless of the class location.

For one-on-one regular classes and private classes, students are free to choose the language of instruction.

We do have foreign teachers available, but unless specified, we will make arrangements at our discretion regarding the assigned teacher.

The experiments conducted in our courses comply with the European Union safety standard EN 71-4. Students are required to wear provided lab coats, safety goggles, latex gloves, and other necessary safety gear to ensure their safety during the experiments. 

Homework is not required for regular assignments, but for the full-term primary school course, completion of a Science project towards the end of the course is necessary to receive the certificate.

Every teacher will take photos/videos of the children during class, and after class, the teacher will report to the parents about their child’s learning progress and share the photos taken during the session.

[Latest update: 20/7/2023] Due to classroom renovations, we are currently able to arrange for home tutoring services.

About tuition fees

Tuition fees can be paid through Payme, Alipay, bank transfer, or FPS. If you prefer to pay in cash or by check, you can make an appointment to visit our headquarters in Admiralty.

Please note that we do not accept credit card payments.

Unless there are special circumstances, all courses, including workshops, trial classes, and regular courses, must have their tuition fees paid at least 3 days before the start of the course. This allows the teacher to prepare the necessary materials. Additionally, class placements are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, and we do not hold spots for parents who have not made the payment. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Yes, that’s correct. Whether it’s a trial class, workshop, or regular course, all material costs are included in the tuition fees. This means that students will not have to pay any additional fees for the materials used during the classes.

About Regular Classes

Regular classes do not have a schedule and are by appointment only.

You can pause the classes, and the teacher will keep a record of the student’s progress. However, we do not recommend pausing for too long to avoid a significant gap in learning.

Additionally, if there is a long gap between the kindergarten class sessions and the student has already started primary school, we will assess the situation and may adjust the student to primary school course.

Regular classes have a maximum limit of 7 participants. Generally, if there is a single enrollment, the teacher will schedule a time with the student. If there are no overlapping schedules with other students, it is possible to maintain a one-on-one arrangement. However, it cannot be guaranteed that there won’t be any other students joining or combining classes.

If you specifically request to have a guaranteed one-on-one arrangement, additional fees may apply. Please contact us for further information.

About Private Classes

We welcome the formation of self-formed regular classes, and the more participants there are, the greater the discount offers. For more information and inquiries, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp.

For each additional companion, there will be a 5% discount. Taking a group of 7 people as an example, each person will receive a 30% discount on the tuition fee.

However, the discount is only applicable if all students make the payment together. If there are any changes in the number of participants, it must be notified before making the payment. If there is an increase in the number of participants after payment, we will not recalculate the discount or refund the difference. If there is a decrease in the number of participants, the remaining participants must make up for the difference in the discount.

When renewing for the next term and paying the new tuition fee, the discount will be recalculated based on the latest number of participants.

The tuition fees are initially calculated based on the group size and the corresponding group discount. If there are changes in the class composition midway, the remaining classes would require an adjustment of the group discount based on the new class sizes.

For example, if the original group had a 15% discount for 4 participants, and halfway through the classes it was split into two groups of 2 participants each, with a 5% discount for each group, the remaining classes would require each participant to pay the difference between the 5% and 15% discount, which is 10% of the original tuition fee.

Additionally, if the originally assigned teacher is unavailable, it is possible that another teacher will be assigned to the split classes.

Forming a class ensures that all participants are familiar friends, and it allows for more flexibility in handling absences and rescheduling. However, the course content remains the same.

Absences in a self-formed class are primarily handled through discussions between the teacher and parents/guardians to determine the arrangements for makeup classes. (The makeup classes may be conducted by a different teacher.)

The main methods for handling absences may include:

  1. Arranging makeup classes before or after regular classes on the same day.
  2. Selecting a separate day for makeup classes.
  3. Attending makeup classes in other class groups.
  4. If the absence is known in advance, the entire group can decide to reschedule or postpone the class.
  5. If the required attendance for certificate issuance has already been met, participants may choose not to attend makeup classes.

The number of participants can be increased, but there is a maximum limit of 7 students per class (unless parents/guardians permit a larger class size). The tuition fees that have already been paid will not be recalculated for the new participants. The new students will also be charged the discounted tuition fees based on the original class size.

For example, if the original class size was 4 students with a discount of 20%, and a 5th student joins, they will not be charged at a discounted rate of 25%. The 5th student will still pay the discounted tuition fee of 20%.

If a student is unable to continue midway, the class formation will continue and not be terminated due to a decrease in the number of participants. However, the tuition fees will not be refunded for the student who cannot continue. If there is a desire to split into another class or switch to a non-self-formed class with a fixed schedule, the price difference must be paid.

Regarding Absences/Make-up Classes

For one-on-one regular classes and self-formed classes, we provide flexibility in handling such requests. However, if the originally assigned teacher is unavailable, there is a possibility that another teacher will take over the class after rescheduling.

For students with a fixed schedule (e.g., summer classes), any changes during the course will depend on the number of participants in each class. Notice must be given at least two days before the next class starts, otherwise, it will be treated as an absence.

For one-on-one regular classes and self-formed classes, we offer flexibility in arranging makeup classes. However, if the originally assigned teacher is unavailable, another teacher may conduct the makeup session.

For students with a fixed schedule (e.g., summer classes), any makeup class must be requested at least two days before the scheduled class (for medical reasons, same-day notification is acceptable with a doctor’s certificate). We can arrange makeup classes free of charge. However, for unexcused absences without prior notification, additional fees will be charged for makeup classes, calculated based on the average cost per class at the time of payment.

[Latest update: 20/7/2023] To ensure the safety of students, if a red or black rainstorm warning signal or a typhoon signal number 8 or above is hoisted on the day of the class, or if the Education Bureau announces the suspension of school activities, the class will be canceled. Even if the rainstorm warning/typhoon signal is canceled after the scheduled class time, there will be no class. Please take note of this.

Any classes canceled due to severe weather conditions will be rescheduled or extended, but refunds will not be provided.

About Kindergarten Course

[Latest update: 20/7/2023] For kindergarten courses, you can choose between Tsuen Wan or home-based classes.

Kindergarten courses are divided into PN-K1 and K2-K3 levels. Parents can decide whether their child should enroll in the PN-K1 or K2-K3 class based on their abilities and preferences. Both levels have a “show and tell” component, but the requirements are slightly lower for PN-K1 and slightly higher for K2-K3.

To receive a certificate, kindergarten students need to attend 10 out of the 12 hours of classes.

Yes, all students who complete the 12-hour course will have their own dedicated portfolios.

Children will attend classes independently and gradually develop their independence. If a child is not comfortable with the separation during the trial class or the first few classes, the teacher may allow parents to accompany them based on the situation. However, the goal is to help children adapt to independent learning gradually.

The complete kindergarten course consists of 12 hours, usually one hour per session for a total of 12 sessions.

There is a continuation class available upon completion of the course, but admission is not open to the public. Detailed information will be provided only to students who have completed the full course.

About Primary Course

For primary school courses, you can choose between Prince Edward, Sai Wan Ho, Tsuen Wan, Admiralty Headquarters, or home-based classes.

Due to the limited number of students in each field trip, transportation is not provided. However, the field trip locations are accessible by public transportation. Students can meet the teacher and staff members at the designated meeting point before the trip.

The tuition fee for the 24-hour primary school course includes the cost of field trips. Apart from transportation expenses, there are no additional fees.

Parents are welcome to join the field trips. They would need to cover their own transportation expenses, but there is no additional fee.

The field trip is included as one of the paid classes. However, the class schedule may be adjusted to accommodate the field trip. For example, if the regular classes are held during weekdays after school hours, the field trip session may be rescheduled to a weekend morning. The specific date and time will be discussed with parents by the teacher.

To receive a certificate, primary school students need to attend 20 out of the 24 hours of classes and complete the Science Project at the end of the course. 

The complete primary school course consists of 24 hours, usually one hour per session for a total of 24 sessions.

There is a continuation class available upon completion of the course, but admission is not open to the public. Detailed information will be provided only to students who have completed the full course.

About workshop

Workshops are held irregularly. Please follow our Facebook/Instagram for updates.



The workshop is generally suitable for children aged 3-11. There are no age-specific classes, so children of different ages can attend together.

Parents can participate in the workshop, and each parent needs to pay the same fee as the child. During the activity, parents are expected to participate with their child or assist their child.

Changes in date and time can be made during the course, depending on the availability of slots. However, you must notify us at least two days before the start of the class.

If you are unable to attend on the scheduled day, you can send someone else in your place. If you need to take sick leave, you must provide a doctor’s note, and we can arrange a makeup session free of charge.

If you cannot provide a doctor’s note or fail to notify us at least two days in advance, we cannot arrange a makeup session or provide a refund. We seek your understanding in this matter.

Groups of 6 or more can book the entire workshop. Please inquire via WhatsApp (only after the workshop details have been announced).

We prioritize reservations based on payment time. However, we will hold the spot for parents for 24 hours after sending the payment message. If we do not receive the receipt within 24 hours, we will consider it as giving up the reservation.

About Collaboration

We have long-term collaborations with kindergartens, primary schools, and other educational institutions to organize workshops and STEM classes.

You can email us at or contact us via WhatsApp at 56186495.

About Teacher Recruitment

We welcome passionate teachers who have a keen interest in science and teaching to join our team. You can submit your resume to and contact us via WhatsApp at 56186495.

Our teachers should meet the following criteria:

  • Independent and responsible, with patience for young children.
  • Identify with our teaching philosophy and believe that learning should be relaxed and simple, free from traditional limitations.
  • Ability to explain abstract and complex concepts in a simple manner.
  • Strong interest in science.
  • Possess a university degree related to science (If not available or still studying, we will evaluate based on other criteria).