Private Class

A group of 2-7 people can form a class together, and it is based on appointment only.
The more people there are, the more discounts and offers will be available.
For each additional person in the group, there will be a 5% discount.
Taking a group of 7 people as an example, each person will receive a 30% discount on the tuition fee.
If you have already gathered enough people,
please contact us via WhatsApp using the following information.

Frequently Asked Questions about private classes:

For each additional companion, there will be a 5% discount. Taking a group of 7 people as an example, each person will receive a 30% discount on the tuition fee.

However, the discount is only applicable if all students make the payment together. If there are any changes in the number of participants, it must be notified before making the payment. If there is an increase in the number of participants after payment, we will not recalculate the discount or refund the difference. If there is a decrease in the number of participants, the remaining participants must make up for the difference in the discount.

When renewing for the next term and paying the new tuition fee, the discount will be recalculated based on the latest number of participants.

The tuition fees are initially calculated based on the group size and the corresponding group discount. If there are changes in the class composition midway, the remaining classes would require an adjustment of the group discount based on the new class sizes.

For example, if the original group had a 15% discount for 4 participants, and halfway through the classes it was split into two groups of 2 participants each, with a 5% discount for each group, the remaining classes would require each participant to pay the difference between the 5% and 15% discount, which is 10% of the original tuition fee.

Additionally, if the originally assigned teacher is unavailable, it is possible that another teacher will be assigned to the split classes.

Forming a class ensures that all participants are familiar friends, and it allows for more flexibility in handling absences and rescheduling. However, the course content remains the same.

Absences in a self-formed class are primarily handled through discussions between the teacher and parents/guardians to determine the arrangements for makeup classes. (The makeup classes may be conducted by a different teacher.)

The main methods for handling absences may include:

  1. Arranging makeup classes before or after regular classes on the same day.
  2. Selecting a separate day for makeup classes.
  3. Attending makeup classes in other class groups.
  4. If the absence is known in advance, the entire group can decide to reschedule or postpone the class.
  5. If the required attendance for certificate issuance has already been met, participants may choose not to attend makeup classes.

The number of participants can be increased, but there is a maximum limit of 7 students per class (unless parents/guardians permit a larger class size). The tuition fees that have already been paid will not be recalculated for the new participants. The new students will also be charged the discounted tuition fees based on the original class size.

For example, if the original class size was 4 students with a discount of 20%, and a 5th student joins, they will not be charged at a discounted rate of 25%. The 5th student will still pay the discounted tuition fee of 20%.

If a student is unable to continue midway, the class formation will continue and not be terminated due to a decrease in the number of participants. However, the tuition fees will not be refunded for the student who cannot continue. If there is a desire to split into another class or switch to a non-self-formed class with a fixed schedule, the price difference must be paid.