Primary Science Course

The potential of elementary school students is unimaginable, and it can even surpass that of adults

Outdoor field trips

Children will join their teacher in outdoor learning activities focused on exploring biodiversity

Results that surpass adults' imagination

Children will understand elements on the periodic table that even some adults may not be familiar with

Completing a Science Project independently

hildren can use scientific thinking to solve problems and present their findings

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the full 24-course curriculum, a certificate will be awarded. City University of Hong Kong is our supporting institution.

Teacher Evaluation Report

Upon completing the Science Project oral presentation, the teacher will provide a personalized evaluation report to help parents and students understand their performance.

Mixed Reality x Experimental Learning

Stemtitute has developed its own virtual periodic table and virtual lab assistant. Students who have completed the first stage of 24 lessons and progressed to the second stage can use these tools in the classroom to facilitate their learning of abstract concepts more easily. The iPads will be provided by the teacher.