Advancing Science Education through Technological Innovation

We are committed to integrating STEM education with immersive reality technology into the traditional education industry. The goal is to make learning more engaging and easier to absorb, thus making the process of science education more effective. We aim to cultivate the next generation of young scientists in our local community.

Extended Reality Technology
STEM Science Experiment Class

Created by scientists and developers, covering various topics of experimental subjects. Let students have hands-on experiments and absorb scientific knowledge, and learn abstract concepts and the microcosm of the world through extended reality technology. Benefit students through practical learning experiences, teaching them to think critically and ask questions. Beginning with joy, ending with wisdom.


Our Professional Science and
Development Team

Our team consists of professionals from local universities with backgrounds in science and IT. We are dedicated to creating the most professional, creative, and inspiring STEM courses, making science education more engaging and accessible to all. We also strive to expand the application of technology to other fields.

Integrating Extended Reality Technology into Teaching

The teaching materials and curriculum are developed by scientists and professional educators

The experiments have undergone rigorous testing repeatedly and comply with the European Union safety standard EN 71-4

Taught entirely in English / Chinese.